Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lognon, Oh my God!

So, SUCCESS! I spent the morning fretting and prepping for my meeting with the pleating studio, and success my faithful followers. SUCCESS! I ordered three pieces of fabric pleated in the molds and materials shown here. I met with Mr Lognon and three other artisans at the atelier and they pulled the molds for me. OH the choices. One of the molds, the one I'm holding up in the photo was used by Chanel. I am on cloud 9.999! I am going early tomorrow morning to watch them pleat my material.

Yesterday was pretty great. I had an initial meeting with the pleating studio and went to a Rosh Hashana service at the primary Orthodox Jewish Synagogue. Quite the experience. I went with a fellow resident, Cindy Shapiro, who is at the Cite to compose a contemporary opera retelling the psyche narrative. She is an ex-Cantor so she clued me in on the service (especially the vocal shifts in regards to high holidays). I am in love with the symbology of the tradition. Although sitting on the side in the womens' section rub the west coast vibe completely the wrong way.  Some pretty interesting stuff. Cindy and I are going to the Psyche ballet at Opera Garnier Saturday night. I went out tonight to listen to some live acoustic emerging artist from the group Dictafone Home. Great lyrics, fantastic guitar-ing. I feel with the progression of my project and with getting out of my studio (especially in the evenings), that I am finally settled and on the move in Paris.

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