Friday, September 30, 2011

L'assistance de l'antiquité

I arrived in the early morning to the pleating studio after a double strong coffee and a pain aux raison, to find I had been upstaged by a last minute pleating order for Cécile and a bright pink pleated purse for Louis Vuitton. Oh darn. Gérard had to postpone until monday but as a consolation prize (I think he likes me, or my obvious excitement), he showed me the prototype and drawings of a Vuitton bag, of which he had just completed the material. He also showed me a slight imperfection in a piece of my silk brocade, so I am going to attack the fabric district this weekend to a) replace that material and b) see if I can scrounge a few more pieces. I am looking for ....fantastic. I am considering doing some dye work perhaps, but I'm a little nervous about setting the dye and not havng ANY residual on the pleating molds. That would be really awful. I dont even want to risk it.  I don't have the proper washing agent here. Time for a little investigation.

I am thinking bright pink or my usual neon yellow/green in the same tone, both in a heathy opaque brocade and a transparent silk chiffon. I am considering incorporating leather into the final constructions however many of these questions are going to have to be addressed once I am back in the states. Getting the material home safely is the ultimate goal at the moment and I dont want to risk there safe transport by manipulating them while in Paris. Unlllllesss I were to have a show here and then I'd jump right in:). An extension of the residency might also convince me to delve in. I am currently applying, so please cross your fingers for me! I also have a secretive little project involving Dior pleating molds and I am hoping the studio will have time on monday to show me those molds and possibly place a second order. I was able to see one of my pieces in process.

Waiting for Monday, I redirected, and headed to the Louvre to investigate pleating and folds in ancient Greece and Egypt. 



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