Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cluny and Shoes

Today was....GREAT. I began and ended my city sojourn at a cafe. I got up a bit late, care of midnight skyping, studied french for about 1/2 hour in my room, and then went for a crepe and coffee at a little restaurant adjacent to Shakespeare and Co. I read some of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as I sipped my coffee. This story is special, especially being able to read it in Paris. I find myself reminded to observe my surroundings with similar childlike clarity and youthful misunderstandings. I went to the Musee Cluny after breakfast for a small exhibit on Medieval textiles. I loved the building and some of the collections, but (I'm really sorry Ron Leax, Professor Thompson, and Wendy Petersen) it is a challenge for me to really reveal in the aesthetic. I completely appreciate the quality, craft, preservation and breadth of the collection, but I was much more engrossed with the Musse des Arts Decoratif and the Hussein Chalayan exhibit from yesterday. Just as a side (which is really more excited anyways), Chalayan is my new hero. His work operates at the intersection of fashion, architecture and design with strong socio-political statements. He work is about metamorphasis, gender roles, multiple utilities for an object of design, and different ethnic safe-guards thats exist as an identity within foreign countries. He is SUPER talented.

After the Musee Cluny, I headed just a few blocks away to the Museum of Medical History. A beautiful glass ceilinged hall with lots of crazy and cool gadgets, antique instruments, and creepy curiosities. I bought a guide book for 300 curious and hidden sites in Paris. I've uploaded a few pictures to my facebook Paris photo album. After the museums, I spent some time wandering in the Saint Germain des Pres area. I came across a great little store filled with (gasp) bakelite bijoux, a couple contemporary art and furniture galleries including a Finn Juhl store (double gasp). I found myself a beautiful french sketchbook and pair of great shoes. The shoes have proven to be both cute and SUPER comfortable. Hurting feet seems to be a constant drag, so the right foot attire is quite the challenge. As I was prancing back to my studio, I came across a really lovely little tearoom right at Pont St Louis, the bridge connecting the I'lle St Louis and the Cite. I went in with Betty Smith, and we had a lovely black tea and fig tarte late afternoon snack. The spot isn't presumptuous or very crowded at all. I love the location and its only about a 5 minute walk from the residency. I may have found my regular spot. The tea-keeper was a very sweet fellow, kinda cute, and I spoke almost completely in french!!! Thank goodness, Lauren. 

Over all, the french were juuuust nicer today...and my french was better (those two things are probably relative.) Those of you who know how bad my french was in  the first place may not think that this is saying a lot, but it sure gave me a thrill. I'm back to my studio to begin sketching and playing with some of my flea market finds. The sun is far from setting although it is past 7pm, filling my room with bright light. 

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