Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 Weeks and Counting

"You walk on corpses, Beauty, undismayed." - Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen, 1869

Ah Paris. Fashion, Art, neatly stacked rows of human skeletons lining a terrestrial underworld beneath the bustling city? Awesome. And so here we go again. In 2 weeks, I will be returning to Paris for what I suspect to be the time of my life; A glorious 8 week affair (maybe longer?) nestled right on the Seine in the 1. I will be working as an artist in residence with the Cite International des Arts in accordance with the Gerald Lognon Pleating Studio. Sweet Sweet Paris fall, I just can't wait.

Let's put the romance on hold for a sec and consider some nasty logistics. Number 1, Packing (with a capital P).  Never mind those little travel sized shampoo bottles, were going lightweight ladies and gentlemen. Think chic back-packer ( but with a cute little shoulder tote instead of the bushman sac). Now, Regardless of what you wear or how convincing your accent, locals can spot a non-native from miles away... but, no need to scream it to them with white tennies, chacos, a NorthFace and backpack. I find the best piece of packing advice for the euro-bound is: if in doubt, don't bring it. You can purchase it abroad if you find yourself sorely missing it (they have everything we have but with cooler names beginning in la or ending in -ant or -elle). Anything purchased or made while there, can be shipped. Please please not carried on like a bag woman.  

Aside from the fold or roll methods, I have been putting into order the home front before I depart. I just wrapped up my application for the Great Rivers Biennial, and I am currently working on a Luminary Center for the Arts Residency app. My pet project consists of overhauling the Option B Designery showroom. My lovely beau is quite the design partner, and the space is character packed! Our final touch is adorning the back wall of the space with a dramatic, emotionally painted mammoth work by mini-master Thurston E Belmer. The showroom is slated for completion by September 1, so if your anywhere near STL, come down and see it!

Now, in preparation for Paris, I have been compiling a list of great must-see museums, shows and events.  Some of the highlights include: Musee Guilmet, Arts Decoratif, Premiere Vision France, Nuit Blache, and Fashion Exposition at Versailles. Now, I am most interested and ill-equipped to manage the contemporary art scene. I have a list of about 50 galleries but have little savvy about ranking. I would love any tips from previous or regular Paris goers. 

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